How Technology can Improve Window Opening Systems

To keep any building secure, all points of entry must be considered. Aside from the main entrance, the emergency exits and windows need to be safe too. At first sight, doing that may seem like a lot of work, but that isn’t always the case. Windows in particular need a lot of attention for a variety of reasons – fire safety, ventilation and entry for burglars.

Burglary is a crime that most businesses will worry about, and with good reason. Statistics for 2016 in the UK show that 83% of all crimes committed against retail businesses were some form of theft. Keeping windows secure can help, starting with locking them at the end of each working day. A modern system for opening and closing them will make this far simpler.

New Technology

The technology behind such a system involves use of such tools as WiFi and smartphone apps. Together, they allow whoever is in charge to open and control the windows, doors and shutters at whatever time is convenient via a remote control or app. This can be done both inside and outside of the business’s premises at a moment’s notice.

For emergencies, being able to open windows to let steam or smoke escape is vital. Use of smoke ventilation technology through Window Openers can make this quick and simple. From a central hub or control panel, it shuts or opens the windows all at once, saving time that would otherwise be spent doing each window one by one.

There is also technology that can instantly sense smoke in one part of a building, then relaying a siren sound to the rest of the premises. As far as safety is concerned, this is extremely helpful in emergencies, as it alerts everyone straight away. Also, if the premises are closed and there’s a fire or burglary happening, an app can help the business owner to act quickly.

Extra Security

To make sure the window opening system is completely secure, access to it should be in the hands of a few employees. Persuading several employees to download an app that lets them monitor and control the windows will mean that at least one person can control them as and when needed.

Aside from the actual windows, any blinds that are present need to be controlled too. Use of a gadget to control smart blinds like Blind Engine will do the job effectively. It can be used at roughly the same time as a window opening system too, providing an extra layer of security by deterring would-be intruders.

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