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Ample Technology Solutions is an allied service provision established in 2004, a proud project of RIZORIZ International working since 2006 in UK and Europe. Ample is a fast growing software development house that was founded in January 2001, Ample tends to design and develop professional Business Solutions which are presented to our customers with the most friendly and easy to use interface.

Simplifying professional Business Solutions to our partners has allowed us to increase our activities with improved quality over a very short time. Ample is now advancing ahead in the fields of Online Business applications and Web Oriented solutions.


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Our Expertise

services we offer

  • Website Development

    Any company willing to have an appearance at the global canvas of online businesses may look for a top class website.

  • Graphic Designing

    If we surf the internet and search any big conglomerate or a small business setup we’ll find a pertinent creative logo associated with each of them.

  • E-Commerce Website

    E-commerce websites allow you to market the products online and gather wealth through wireless means.

  • App Development

    We offer a full mobile and cross platform application planning, design and development service for all industry sectors.

  • Brand Identity

    Boundless technologies focus on building the corporate identity so that our clients have a better image in the market.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    (SEO) helps to bring your website in the limelight. All the efforts you do to make a catchy website are fruitful only when it is able to receive traffic.

  • Web Hosting & Domain

    We offer you primitive to full control over the website all because of high investments made in servers which allow us to harness any output to the website.

  • Social Media Management

    Social media is a term that connects social life through medium where an individual have authority to speak and express his emotional.

Partnership with Intel

RizORiz & Ample Software House is recognized as a certified member of the Intel Software Partner Program. Starting from May 14, 2009 Ample is Recognized as Intel Software Partner Program Confirming that Ample meets Intel high Quality Software specifications and complies as a commercial Software supplier – with a portfolio of premium benefits across the entire product planning cycle – from planning, to developing, to marketing and selling stages.


Our goal is to guarantee that every system, component and process meets specified requirements and customer expectations. We consistently employ software quality assurance activities to maintain high quality in our software-related work items. By reviewing the product throughout the development life cycle, we’re able to eliminate software defects at critical points in the process.

Customer Satisfaction

At Ample Software House, serving you is our number one priority. That means giving you the support you need to get the most out of your choice of Ample Software systems and information technology. We have some of the service industry’s highest standards, from our flexible internet support, free phone support and up to Customer Service Representatives who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Staying connected when you’re away from the office is no longer a luxury, it’s vital to the way you run your business. We develop online software systems to allow your organization to run connected regardless of where and when you need to access your information. Ample provides the most reliable connectivity service while maintaining the best value in the world.


Ample builds Solutions that your business can rely on. Not only we design our systems to operate and self protect against failures, but we are always present to support, troubleshoot and provide assistance to keep your business running over our software platforms.

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