The First Customers: The Determinant Factor of Your Success in Running Your Business

Are you now starting your business? Is your on-going business your first business at all? When pioneering a business, most beginners will encounter some obstacles that hamper their business. One of them is the limited stock inventory, the inability to determine the ideal selling prices, and the most difficult often encountered, thinking about how to get the first customers. Yes! Getting the first customers is the most crucial stage that will determine the viability of a business! The above problems of course are some classic problems for anyone who starts a business. To help the beginners, on this occasion we will inform you on how to get your first customers. Getting the first customers is the same as getting your first chance of success. Check out the following points!

1:- Target potential customers around you

To build a market, at first you can start by targeting the people around you as your potential customers. For example, you can introduce a winning product that belongs to your family, close friends, colleagues, campus friends, or bring your product samples to some activities or communities you follow on a regular basis. If you are active in prayer meetings in your church, giving your product samples to your peers is a simple but effective way.

2:- Differentiate your customers based on their characters

After targeting the people around you as potential customers, the next step you need to consider is to divide the category of the customers in accordance with the characters they have. Here you can divide the consumers according to their age (children, teenagers, or parents), gender (male or female), profession in cultivation, and so forth. This step will make it easier for you to plan the most effective marketing strategies to get consumers’ attention.

3:- Establish good relationship to expand market opportunities

As a business actor, building a network of harmonious marketing becomes one of the obligations that you should not rule out. If necessary, hold regular meetings to strengthen your relationship with customers, as well as to introduce the latest products you have to loyal customers. This is an important thing as your proximity to the consumer is the starting point for you to succeed.

4:- Capture new customers from your loyal customers

Having a lot of customer turns out can bring good opportunities to you as a seller. Very likely, your loyal customers can bring in new customers for the company you run. For example, they can recommend your products to their relatives or close friends they have through “word of mouth way.” Therefore, do not hesitate to offer exciting bonuses to your loyal customers as they play an important role for the growth of your business. If necessary, invite them to join as reseller or agent of your product by offering special bonus which is quite interesting.

5:- Looking for more information by surfing on the Internet

You need to broaden your horizons about the market you are dealing with. The Internet is the best information warehouse and you can get useful tips and tricks that are not disclosed here. You are strongly encouraged to read the reviews provided by Feras Antoon to get your first 100 customers.

The core of these five points above is to please your customers. By making them happy then by itself your sales will increase. Easy enough right? After discussing some of the marketing tips you can run to bring in your first customers as it’s your turn to practice them directly on your niche. May the luck be yours!

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