5 Old School Marketing Tricks that Still Work

As the world becomes more and more centered around digital, you may think this is where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts. And yes, of course, you should have a website, blog and social pages. But, there are many old school marketing tricks that still really work and shouldn’t be disregarded.

These tend to take place offline which means they can reach places your online marketing can’t and at the same time can also be used to back-up and support your digital efforts.

Here are just five of them:

1:- Flyers and leaflets

Flyers and leaflets are effectively mini brochures – they can include a menu, dates, price list – ultimately plenty of useful information together in the same place. These can be handed out or placed where your target market hang out and are ideal for the consumer to keep and refer back to when they need it. Check out these folded flyers from Phroom Print to see the various options available and understand exactly how it could benefit your business.

2:- Networking

You can, of course, speak to both current and potential customers and clients online, any time of the day and no matter where they are in the world. There is no doubt that this has made it easier than ever before to connect. But, there is a distinct and unique value to engaging with customers offline that you simply can’t ignore. This is why networking is still so important – it puts you in front of the right people and by meeting face-to-face you are able to form relationships in a way that you can’t when talking via a keyboard.

3:- Business cards

Handing out a business card seems quite old fashioned now, you just connect on social media, don’t you? Yes, you can and probably should try to connect on social but your business card is a great place to include your Twitter handle to ensure you are found. If you just verbally share your details with someone you would like to work with at a busy event it is likely they will forget them very quickly and this is then a missed opportunity. Your business card is important because it is the perfect place to include your phone number, email address and so on, to then hand out to the right people who can slip them into their wallets and refer back to them later and hopefully get in contact.

4:- Public speaking

Standing up and talking in front of the right people might be the last thing on your mind when you are deciding the best way to market you, your business and your product or service. But, this puts in you at the forefront of many people’s minds and ensures they see you as an expert in your field and allows you to establish your credibility.

5:- Posters

Posters can be strategically placed to attract the attention of those you want to aim at. For example, if you are organizing an event you can put posters up around the venue so passers by know it is happening and can make a decision there and then if they would like to attend. If this information was purely online they may never have even seen it. It is important to remember that, even though it might seem like they are, not everyone is online. These posters can be used alongside your social media campaign to back up and reinforce each other.

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